Aligning next animation to mesh (For example aligning character with root motion to ladder)

I have a pole climbing animation (and few others) and I am trying to align the character so he jumps on the pole where it actually is. For this i used f interp to, I aligned the capsule to a predefined interact point in the “Pole BP”. That was kind of sketchy, so at the end I made a timeline in the character BP with value 0-1, cast it to the Anim BP, where I lerped the two values (capsule transform and interact point transform in the “Pole BP”). It works ok, but still, it is not rock solid. Sometimes, when I hold A and D together, the mesh is completely off. I have disabled the player input upon interaction. I am thinking this is still not the correct way to approach this. Any tips on how to sync up character to next animation with root motion? Like doors, ropes, jump, etc.
Thanks, here is a video of the problem.

Ok so when I was typing this, I got an idea - when I disabled the movement, the axis values and speed variables were still set to their last values in the anim graph. After the disable movement node, I set all of them to 0 with “Set” and now it work. Anyway thanks to myself :smiley: