Aligning Laser scans and drone imagery

Hi there 


I cant seem to align my laser scan E57  77/1020 cams (with my drone imagery 943/1020 cams. I’ve tried importing them as exact - use an existing registration and exact - use an existing registration and Georeferenced. in the alignment settings I’ve tried the detector settings as medium and high and set merge components only to yes.


Ive also tried control points and the drone imagery comes out in the newly aligned model and the laser scans do not come through at all 943/1020.


Any other ideas of things I could try?

Hi Texo DSI,

do you have overlap between those two datasets?

When you were placing control points, were these over images and LSPs? You need to have minimally three CPs placed over minimally three imaged and two/three LSPs. Are you using color laser scans? Are you laser scans georeferenced? Did you used some ground control points?

Yes there is overlap between the laser scan and the drone imagery.


I have placed 3 Ground control points and on the drone imagery I get about 10-12 images and on a good spot I get 3 Laser scan images. Yes im using colour laser scans but ive tried intensity too just to see if it helps the laser scan and drone imagery align. The laser scans are registered but they arent georeferenced



Ground control points with the drone flight? or what do you mean by this?



Can you send me a print screen of 1Ds view? Also print screens, how are your control points placed?

I meant by ground control points point, which have coordinates in some coordinate system, they are marked by some kind of target and they are visible on drone images and also laser scans.

Also, you can follow instructions from this video for merge these kind of datasets:

Hi Ondrej I finally managed to merge them. I imported the laser scans as exact and georectefied and I choose Euclidian and then I did Control points and it worked. If i have any other issues ill let you know but thanks for the help.