Aligning Images Over Ocean (Drone Imagery)

Hello to whoever reads this,

Recently we’ve taken photos and over the ocean and due to the location we weren’t able to put ground control in, I’ve successfully aligned images with no control as long as there is land involved in the image but first thing we leave into the ocean there isn’t enough to align the images and we either get a heap of small components or the images are not even used.

The accuracy of this alignment isn’t as important as just getting a complete picture, is there a manual way to align the images not used? or a setting I can use to make it extremely lenient for aligning images?

We are already flying at the height limit for drones in our area so it isn’t feasible to get the whole extent of the job with land in every image.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kim,

to align images over water or forest is always problematic, as it is quite hard to find the same features for the images. As the water is movable and almost without usable texture it is hard to align this kind of images.

You can set the higher position prior hardness for camera priors in the alignment settings, also set higher values for max features and higher detector sensitivity.

But still, as they are images just of the water, the results could be weak.