Aligning components breaking up

I’m trying to align a couple of components of a thin object (top and sides in one, bottom and sides I another) and have set CPs on the sides (top and bottom edges in 4 corners) however when I try to align the components (Merge components only = True) I end up with an extra component and 2 misaligned components. Should I add some more CPs? The sides are a bit tricky n that they’re mostly in a reflective material and the lighting does vary a bit. But I wasn’t expecting a component to be split into parts.

Any suggestions?

Hi Ben.

You can try to lock cameras in both components and align again.

But better if next time you will have proper overlap between top and bottom part and will use masks (as alpha chennel for this moment).

Hi Ben
please make a screenshot so that we can see the CP details ( in how many images they are placed ) and the point placement strategy…

Possibly a bit short on CPs :wink: 3 images per CP per component although some only have 2.

There are also no more than 2 CPs in any image which might not be the best.

With the constraints of the lighting setup I could only get the top and sides before turning the book over. Normally I’d photograph underneath as well and mask out the support. All images are masked to just the object. The patterns on the front and back are very similar, with the small picture in the middle being the main difference. I’m not expecting to get a perfect object without doing some mesh editing if I can get the two halves aligned.

Should I be doing anything with Locked pose group, Lock for Continue?

Hi Ben
Yup, you need at least 3 images per CP/COMPONENT, if you get say 5-7, it’s OK in most cases. Try to get 3-4 CP per image as this helps ALIGNMENT to estimate data properly.
A second option would be to increase CP weight from the default 10 to say 20-50. But just after you’ve added CPs and tested the alignment with them, just then change the weight…