Aligning Actors/Assets in Environment

I’ve been going through as much learning material as I can find on Unreal but when constructing a larger environment, how do you generally get things to line up across different levels? For instance, if I have an expanse of roads across several levels, how do you get things to look seamless both in texturing and in geometry alignment? For instance, if I build things in my 3D package, is there a way to import things into UE so that they are in the same 3D coordinates so that things are already positioned correctly? Or am I thinking about this in the wrong way as far as constructing a larger environment? Any advice would be appreciated.

Any thoughts anyone?

You can export the models in the same position you set then in your modeling package so long as you set the location of each meshes origin to 0,0,0 in UE4. This does not offer much flexibility and ease to in engine modularity however.

You could alternatively make sure the assets adhere to the 10cm grid and place the edges of each one along the 0,0,0 point in your modeling package. Doing so will require manual construction in engine, but offer more freedom if you were to decide to adjust your maps layout.

Hope this helps. =)

Ah, that’s a useful tip, thank you.

Don’t mention it. =)