Align the character in relation to a static mesh


I’m trying to implement a wall jump mechanic in a third person project. I pinned down the wall jump mechanic, now I only need to align my mesh when it collides with the wall… but man am I bad at math.

I tried using this BP from another answer on the forum, the purpose of this script is to align the character to the floor surface (try picturing a spider transitioning from floor to wall and having its body rotate in relation to the surface), but there was a purple node (apparently those are custom C++ scripts which is out of my range). I replaced the node with ‘‘Event Tick’’ instead and all it does is lock the Character Rotation in place. My plan was to tweak this script into my liking, but I can’t even get it to work properly.

Thank you.

P.S. Here’s my Wall Jump BP, it’s functional, but it’s not clean/perfected yet.