Align Crosshair With Arrow Component

I’m currently working on setting up a bow and arrow function and unfortunately the bow is getting in the way of the crosshair. I’m wondering if there is a way to, when aiming the bow, align the crosshair with the arrow set up in the weapon blueprint?

Unfortunately the crosshair is set to the center of the screen (always active). I’m just not sure if it’s possible to move it several measurements to the left when aiming the bow.


I know there is a way you can do this, probably a few ways to go about it. I have not done it though but some brainstorming ideas that might help, if maybe you have an additional camera that is slightly offset from the straight on view you normally use and you switch the view to this offset camera during aiming that might fix the issue, you also might want to look into only bringing up the crosshairs during the aim mechanic and then script it in a way that it is always X amount of degrees offset from the bow.

Usually you can just give the camera an offset. Thats the only way. Imagine a space ship that has several weapons. All weapons are adjusted forward, but the camera behind the ship has an offset. Also imagine a character who holds 2 weapons. Same case. Imagine forward lines. They will all meet in the center somewhere in the distance. there is no more to consider :slight_smile:

Hm, so I would do this when calling the function for aiming right? How would I offset the camera during this function?

Hey, if you’d kindly copy and paste your reply as an answer I’d like to mark it! I found a solution in your answer! :slight_smile: Thank you kindly!

Thanks to Nebula Games Inc, what I did to resolve this is add another camera to the player that is only active when the aim button is pressed.

I have created a tutorial for this.

the hardest part of this for me was aligning the cross hair and the bow aiming direction of the character. For this I had to use rotate the character from a bone using Transform modify bone node in animation blueprint on top of the animations. Here you can see the process I have followed. Unreal Bow and Arrow - Camera Aiming down and Crosshair - UE4 Tutorials #173 - YouTube