Align camera and gamepad forward vector

I am new to character/animation blue prints so bare with me.

How can I have my joystick forward direction match the camera direction? Right now they are independent so rotating the camera 180 will have joystick forward run into camera rather than away from camera.

Theres 2 parts to that. Firstly to run forwards you want to be using the actors forward vector. This ensures forward is actually forward. Secondly, for the camera, you probably want to enable “use pawn control rotation” this synchronizes the two systems up. This applies to first person mainly. If you want to do third person, its a little different. I would highly recommend taking a look at the FirstPerson or ThirdPerson presets for extra help. Either make a new project, or press AddNew on the content browser, and pick add Feature or content pack.

I’m learning from the 3rd person UE4 beginners tutorial, this is the setup for movement and camera control

I found what was wrong, the Break and Make Rotators weren’t matched properly, the Yaw’s weren’t plugged into each other, though now I can’t rotate the camera without turning