Align animation to object

Hi people,

I’m hoping to be pointed in the right direction (or an answer, obviously) to my problem. I’m pretty new to blueprints and only understand the basics of getting my character moving around, jumping and playing a simple layered animation. I want my character to perform a bunch of animations similar to something like Ninja Warrior/Takeshi’s Castle/Total Wipeout. Getting animations playing is not a problem… I have plenty of loops created. However, some of these animations require pretty accurate placement. For example, swinging across monkey-bars or climbing a ladder, where the hands need to look like they are gripping the rungs/bars. I have my animation loops/cycles created so that they loop on-the-spot and the animation matches my mockup swing of the monkey-bars, in 3ds Max.

Q. In order to make it look like the character is actually grabbing the rungs, I’ll need to align it to a starting position. How is this possible?

I’ve done a bit of a search and it looks like people are suggesting that the character is pulled into place. I have no idea how to go about this. The company I used to work for would add a dummy to the mesh and use that dummy’s XYZ position to align the character to. It was proprietary software, but I guess that UE4 might do something similar. I have created a horizontal ladder/monkey-bar from an individual segment, equally spaced apart then wrap a box-trigger around the whole thing (or maybe, just the start). When the character runs into it, the blueprint lines him up in the right direction from a dummy or the object’s pivot-point, perhaps? I’m expecting a bit of sliding to get it into place.

I may be a bit over my head, but I have to try. :-/

I can add a few pics, somewhere, if it helps get my idea across.

Any help/info/links/complete answers! would be great. :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to UE, what you need is IK (Inverse Kinematics). UE4 has some nodes inside the animation blueprint: TwoBoneIK and FABRIK and few other.

IK Setup - Unreal Engine
Hand IK Retargeting - Unreal Engine
Feet Placement Setup (My Blog)

Video Tutorials for Purpose:

Thanks for the reply Kheka. I’ve had a (very quick) look at those links and I don’t think it’s what I need. Although, it is really useful for other things - I didn’t know about the IK. I’ll look at them all and see if I’ve misunderstood the point.

Thanks again.

Sorry but if I have understood, you already have animations, but obliviously the hands will not grip perfectly with a ladder for example… Right?