Aliens - first death / UNREAL 4,25,4

Performed in UNREAL 4,25,4.
Editing and sound Affter effects
RTX ON / RTX 2080 TI graphics card.
A cult figure who has always been my favorite deep-space monster.
Cunning, intelligent, strong with unprecedented aggression and the will to survive in any conditions.
You will find my inept attempts to achieve a cinematic atmosphere of horror in the video.

I have waited many years to fulfill my dreams about animation.
There was always a lack of computing power, and the multi-day tendering, which was often not visible in static images, effectively discouraged and cooled down the tendencies.
But there is UNREAL there is Megascans, it has never been available in such a quality for the average person.

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I went and watched it! Very Nice Job!