Alien Skies - Gauging Interest

Gauging interest in a blueprint sky setup that includes adjustable clouds, adjustable sun sizes, and multiple deep space themed night skies as well as a space flight view mode without an inner atmosphere. Some of the real value is that the setup is not constrained to just using the space scenes included with it but can be expanded upon by the users.

Some of our planned updates include a deeper cloud layer that will have dynamic weather and other “alien” effects as well as a few other ideas that are still not ironed out yet.

We recently added an adjustable Moon and Planetoid

Video Demo of some of the current features:

A few screenshots:
Space Flight

Planetary View - with Moon and Planetoid in use

Planetary View - night time

Planetary View - evening/early morning time

Medium sized Sun

Another Space Flight view

Let us know what you think. Thank you

Black Phoenyx

Pretty beautiful I like it!

You thought to include aurora borealis effect
Rare and fleeting shooting stars, meteor and comets
And brightness fluctuations in some stars


Some of that is on our list for the effects. We also have landscapes and vegetation on our list as well so it may turn into “Alien Worlds” at some point. Some of the space flight effects on our list are randomly generated objects like comets, rock clusters, moving gaseous fields and dust and a few others.

Nice, as mentioned by others would be great if you could do something like Borderlands: Pre-Sequel. Like have one or two smaller moons, maybe one planet is “cracked” like was it Dead Space 3 I think… Borderlands: Pre-Sequel also had the “cracked” Pandora (purple stuff) and also had the weird space station right next to it.

While many people didn’t like Borderlands: Pre-Sequel I think it did make you feel like you were on a weird space-moon environment.




Consider my interest gauged.

Having a variety of astronomical bodies available would be a big plus for me. As well as stars you could have rocky and gas giant planets (as in srmojuze’s second screen).

The Solus Project (


Nice skyboxes. I would be interested in the project if you had some dynamic weather, or rather, cloud system that matched the skybox as well, as well as various types of sun(s) with corresponding rotation / lighting. I will say that the cloud system, if you implement it, should be volumetric or procedurally modelled, or else it probably won’t look good in VR.

We plan to have more sun and moon options added in and we are currently working on a planetary ring system for both Saturn-type rings as well as something like a man-made or rather “alien-made” planetary rings that will orbit around the planet like a moon would. Some of the issues we have run into with our current weather system is the scale and performance impact, we get around a 12fps drop on a full planetary-wide weather event and that is too much in our opinion. We may end up implementing a more “local area” weather system instead of having the whole planet suffer from a massive lightning storm or meteors it may be focused on just an area around the player. But at the same time we want this system to be compatible with more than one type of game so we don’t want to nail it to a FPS game or otherwise. Our goal is to have this system appeal to many, be inexpensive for all and have features that can be expanded upon by the users without restrictions that require the use of just our assets.

Gotcha, after I posted, I started to think that if they were developed, you may want to put them as a separate pack to purchase / download anyways :wink: AlienSkybox, AlienWeatherEffects, etc… :smiley:

Now updated with a secondary sun.

Video Link:


Let us know what you think. Thanks.

We’ve now added an adjustable moon and planetoid as well as more functions for the second sun. The planetoid has adjustable size, colors and its own local atmosphere with adjustable clouds.

Video Link:


Let us know what you think. Thanks.

I’ve seen the Solus Project only briefly but didn’t appreciate the sky was so active and full. I’ll take another look. Thanks.

Black Phoenyx - very much looking forward to seeing the ring systems you mention.

Well I can show you the WIP of the rings of the planetoid but right now it has no finished materials so it will look odd but you can get an idea of the Saturn-style rings’ look so to speak. The ring system for the planet that the player is standing on is still too early to show, but I will post screenshots as soon as there is something decent to show.


Let us know what you think. Thanks.

And another one in the night sky:

This is the same color as the ones above with the material functions applied to the rings, please keep in mind though it is WIP and isn’t the end look for the rings:

Same functions with a few parameters changed from the blueprint:

Let us know what you think. Thanks

And a few more changes from blueprint:


Here’s a better screenshot with a few more of the functions ironed out and working properly on the rings:


Let us know what you think. Thanks.

First pass on some of the weather and environmental events/effects…set to a 25KM radius around player…it can be adjusted but we went with a medium range for the video so we could pack in a few at once and show scale…video includes the rain with a fade out radius from heavy showers at the center to lighter rain on the rim, the lightning and meteor shower effects at night…

Video Link:


Let us know what you think. Thanks.

Keep up the nice work. Cheers.