Hey everyone. Lately I decided to make a short video to have an excuse for learning shaders, cinematic lighting, matinee and etc. So I picked famous Alien Queen as my test object and I thought I’ll share what I’ve come to so far.
I’ve started with original model from old game AVP as it would be too long to model it all out from scratch with high poly and lowpoly. However reworked textures a bit, made a custom shader to have more crisp details and tessellated the whole model for more smooth shapes. Also I completely rerigged it so I could animate it for a test preview.

[update] Final version with new sound design by RagingRaven (

Thanks everyone

Here is video:

Here are some screens directly from capture:

Such a beutiful creature. Good job :smiley:

Looks simply amazing. Only real input I have is it would be cool to have the drool effects/breath fog around the Queen’s mouth, but that is just a nitpick.

****! Nice work, this looks fantastic!

Already better than colonial marines haha nice work.

It looks very organic, great job on those shaders!

Very nice! =)

Thanks everyone for kind words!

ZenrokStudios - agreed, I’m working now on particles to make at least some drool. I’m not sure it is possible to make a nice looking saliva in unreal engine, but drooling could work out. And yes some smoke air coming from mouth would be awesome.

The cinematic effects give it a movie quality. Looks beautiful !

Excellent job! Looks amazing.

this look amazing! well done. :smiley:

If you want drool, you can try a translucent shader with refraction, roughness, and subsurface scattering. Maybe make an interesting 3D mesh for that, and attach it to sockets around the mouth. I think there is a new feature coming that lets you knock down the pixel resolution behind translucent objects, so if that comes with a blur function, then you’re set!

Also, I feel like you need god rays. Epic god rays. I mean UDK Epic god rays, like ridiculous rays casting from at least one directional light. I think rays only work on directional lights, now. But you need them. Also, you can set translucent foggy materials to cast shadow, put a normal map on them, and get more depth.

Hly ****! that looks absolutely amazing! Well done!


What else? :wink:


That is just beyond amazing. The lighting and shadows. The model and shaders are amazing man, I honestly have no crits besides I wish it was longer.

really nice man

Thank you everyone!

here is updated version with final sound design and minor changes on animation and textures (first post is updated too). I know this could still be better but this will be final as I want to move on next personal projects.


Well, it can’t be better man, very good job, no words :wink:

UhOh what a beauty:)
Edit: My kids are asking, how much time you needed for that project?

Thank you!

Luftbauch: haha I don’t know maybe a month or so. I think your kids might like one of behind scenes:
Alien Queen (behind_scenes_01) - YouTube