ALIEN LINK - 3D Art & Direct-to-UE4 deployment Studio

Greetings, fellow Unreal developers!

We are Alien Link, a 3D Art (concept-modeling-deploy to engine) outsourcing studio. We’re here to present our updated portfolio with you all, and work together on amazing projects! We are looking for upcoming work where we can deliver you the high quality art your product deserves!

Our scope of services include:
• 3D Art, Texturing, Highpoly/Lowpoly Art Development
• Extensive experience with both hard surface and organic artwork development
• 2D and 3D Concept Development
• Profound knowledge in developing art for Sci-fi Vehicles, realistic or fictional Motorbikes, Cars, as well as vehicles of many kind
• Extensive experience in art development for large open worlds
• Expertise with Substance Designer & Painter
• In-depth knowledge of PBR Art Development
• Full scale art development, where we take your initial ideas, develop concepts, produce 3D content and deploy to various real-time solutions, along with Level Design services on Unreal Engine 4
• Lighting, Level Design and Level Prototyping in Unreal Engine 4
• Level Designing for Gameplay Prototypes of various needs

If you are interested to know more, drop us an email at: **

Here are some images from our recent work with. Drop us an e-mail if you’d like to see more!