Alien landing

This is my newest portfolio piece. First time using paralax occulsion mapping and zbrush for textures. I have to say zbrush outputs crazy good heightmaps, so thats what I will be using from now on. This is where I am now. I got the basic setup down, now I need some more stuff, maybe another sphesship or a rover that has come to see our visitor.
The framerate does not like paralax occulsion for such a large space. Maybe there is a way to make it stop POM at a distance?

Some progression. Made a skybox messed around with lighting. The robots are placeholders, cause they are not finnished.

Walkers are coming along finally.


Base of the texturing is done. I am thinking of putting armor on top of the base “skin” not sure yet…


Hey There friend, I like the work you have so far. I would like to give you some suggestions to help improve the scene. The idea of making a sci-fi fantasy illustration using UE4 gets me excited so I want to see this become well executed.
I don’t know if the composition of the latest shot is what you are intending, but I think placements of the subjects could be better arranged. It feels unbalanced right now. the creatures on the left are much closer to the edge of the screen which I think it fine. The ship however I feel the edge could be much closer to the right, about the same distance as the creatures are near the left edge. The moon/planet doesn’t balance well being right ontop of the ship in my opinion. It’s putting too much weight near the center of the screen. central focal points on an asymmetrical composition almost never works. The last thing I want to mention, I assume it’s already on your to do list, but the creatures need effects for their spotlights. I took me a while to figure our the spotlight on the ship was coming from the creatures. I really want to see more from this piece because it has so much potential. please keep it up! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to mention the broken tangent lines on the edge of the pyramid. The end of the plant structure overlapping right on top of the side of the pyramid results in a broken tangent, either make that plant bigger or smaller so the edge doesn’t meet right on top of the side of the pyramid.

Hello there! Nice to get feedback from someone whos work was one of the reasons I started to get into Unrean engine 4 and 3d programs. I did some of the things and it will get better when I reach the final composition and start to really tweak the lighting and so on… I thought why would the creatured have flashlight like we do, so they have these orbs, dont know… maybe they will work. I will keep on updating this when I have time to work again. Again thanks for the feedback, means a lot.


Nice! When we designed many of the alien creatures for Nelo we mostly took inspiration from deep sea life. maybe the orbs will look more like they are a part of the creature if they are closer to them. they look a too detached if you know what I mean. The orb may not have to be physically connected to the creature, but make it look like the creature is holding it with its telekinetic technology. But about the deep sea life, I think referencing an angler fish would help with the alien vibe. :slight_smile:

The new composition is looking great!

I have made so many different plants, but they just don´t fit. So I made some rawks! I don´t know what to add anymore exept some minor tweaks. Particle effects maybe, like a force field for the orbs.


Hi Elukka. I can easily see these scenes used for Unreal Desktops. Keep up the awesome work!

I love the lighting you’ve done in the latest photo. Keep it up! =)

Thanks guys! I decided that it is ready as it is. Off to some new projects. :o