Alien isolation

Hello there.
I am trying to make part of sevastopol station from Alien isolation. This is how far i have come.

This is my ref.

The team behind the game sure is skilled. It´s pretty **** hard to get the right mood in the scene.

Very nice work!

Some feedback:

I would remove the bloom and blur effects. They are clouding up the scene making it lose a lot of clarity. When you compare it to the last screenshot, you can instantly see how much sharper it is.

I’d also focus on saturating the scene a bit more. While the colour palette is quite limited, it looks like everything could be pushed a bit further. Also bumping up the AO power and lowering the radius could help define the small gaps in between the geometry.

Thanks alot for the feedback!
The bloom have been turned down, the problem with that is that the lights look very flat without bloom. DOF is now dead. Editing the ao did help alot. I will be working on the saturating and light since changing the saturation destroys the lights quite a bit because they have color in them. Again thanks alot for the feed back it helps alot!