Alien Isolation

So… mixed reviews across the board on this one.

Anybody got their hands on it yet and managed to play it through? I’ve actually never seen all of the Alien films (shock), but the game is scaring the **** out of me and I haven’t even seen one yet. Interested to hear what some of your thoughts are, I was quite impressed with the art and atmosphere of everything once I got onboard the main ship. Cinematics are very good too!

I like it so far, only a few hours in. It’s pretty great I think. Graphics are very nice, I especially like the volumetric lighting (hint hint Epic)
I do wish it had SSR though, it only has planar reflections on the floor.

So far, I’m really digging it. The look of the game is amazing and I really love the subtle sub-surface scattering used. Even on the androids where the light sort of pours out around their eyes is amazing looking. The pacing in the game is all over the place but easy to deal with if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you too much. But I’ve had some really interesting encounters with the alien that kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, I’m really scared to try this right now but people have unlocked the support for the Rift DK2 and I’m looking forward to giving it a shot but I may wait to try it on starting the game over after I beat it. I understand a lot of reviewers gave this game a hard time and yes, there is a couple moments where you end up frustrated instead of scared but it’s fine. I’m probably very close to the half-way point so it’s possible my opinion may change. Great game so far though!

You’ve not seen The movie Alien yet James? It’s definitely worth checking out, along with James Cameron’s sequel. Two of the finest sci fi movies ever made. :slight_smile:

Played a bit of the Crew Expendables mode last night using the DK2. Holy **** it’s scary when the alien rushes you. I almost panicked and pulled off the Rift, but (still in the split second it was rushing me) instead pulled out my flamethrower and bathed the ugly bastage in flames.

It knocked my character over (which then slid across the floor), which was pretty disorienting in the Rift. After I stopped firing the flamethrower, the alien was gone. Intense.

The single player campaign is thus far a lot more psychologically scary, with dark corridors and dust and debris when the station shakes around, pipes busting open with flames pouring out etc.

My only gripe about it on the Rift is that the UI (which is done in-world, so it has depth) is a bit too close in and sometimes doesn’t converge right. But that’s not a huge deal.

The DK2 works with it? ****, I’ll have to try that when I get home

It works prety nicely with the Oculus Rift, but i dont get scared by any game in the market( as im a gamedev, i see more of the technical details and similar)
On the Oculus, it has some big bugs, like enormous chromatic aberration, and pretty hard to read menus, as they are locked to your head, not free. Some graphical effects look inmensely fake, like parts of the particle smoke or some dust in some pipes, wich looks really really weird, i think its becouse its screenspace decals or something. i had to disable all SSAO options, as they looked plain wrong on VR, and most other features so i have locked 75 FPS and NEVER drop, making the game really smooth. Even at almost minimum graphics, it looks really great, by far one of the best experiences on the Rift.

Yea my house mate just got a DK2 through, apparently though it’s disabled by default by the studio but you can enable it with some .ini tweaks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going full-tilt on a GTX 980 and I have to say, I forget I’m playing a game sometimes. My only complaints so far are the first-person meshes and the animation seems a bit off in places, great atmosphere though!

Have to try it tomorrow in the office (no DK2 at home :P), I normally never pay attention to the reviews… from I have been told by some of my colleagues it seams to be a very nice game!

This **** is scary,well at least for me. Father took me to cinema to watch first alien movie when i was about 12, he had no idea that it is a horror movie (and good one).
I am batshit scared of xenomorph to this day. I barely could play any alien game as marine, but had not troubles as xeno.

So I managed to play it for like 10min total, good horror game, well thought, atmosphere is great. Someday in future i will finish it.

I’ve been playing it for a few days and it is the scariest game I’ve ever played - You want to play it in a dark room, maxed out with a nice set of surround headphones or on an Oculus rift which people have figured out how to get working.

That’s awesome, I’ve yet to try it with my DK2 with my 980 SC and I finally just completed the campaign the other day. I’ll have to man up and try this with DK2 but I know its definitely going to get scary. Looking forward to trying this out.

Here you go!

I’m watching a letsplay walkthrough atm, and I must admit aside the characters’ plastic look the game itself looks fantastic! Not to mention the atmosphere - it’s horrifically terrific! Noises, killer androids, ship AI cameras etc. The Alien isn’t the only enemy out there.

Speaking of graphic features I’m really impressed with game’s retro look, scene gringe and volumetric shadows. Soft penumbra shadows are there, too, but I guess the feature is a must nowadays, so I was shocked the most precisely because of volumetric dynamic shadows! AFAIK UE4 doesn’t support this atm, or volumetric shadows resolution is too low for now.

I hope soon we’ll be able to fog the hell out of level, put many dynamic lights there and admire the beauty of lights scattering through the resulting myst.

Cheers! :smiley:

Yeah, I think it’ll be added to UE4 at some point, the volumetrics in Alien Isolation are very good, I don’t see any artifacting that I can see in other games that do that. Killzone: Shadowfall did a pretty good job there as well.

I finished this game a few days ago and i must say it’s probably the best FPS i have played since Half-Life 2.

It’s very unique in many ways but it’s not so different that it’s boring or un-fun to play. I would have to say that the sound in the game (the mixing, the quality, etc.) is some of the best I’ve heard in any game to date.

The game is well paced and just when a certain task or gameplay is just teetering on the edge of being repetitive it is switched up.

One of the things i loved about the game other than the actual gameplay was the fact that you don’t even see the Alien for the first few hours or play but just the way the game alludes to it’s presence makes it scary and immersive. This is a very welcome change to all of the ‘lets throw everythig at the player from the get-go’ stuff that’s out there now.

The next step for me is to buy an Oculus Rift and do another play through :slight_smile: