Alien Isolation "Security/movement detector cam"

Hey ho, im currently try to make small steps that should lead to a “bigger” game at the end, currently i just want to walk down a floor with rotation security cameras on it.
I assume many of you guys played alien isolation, there were such cams or movement detector that shows some kind of grid at the ground etc, depeding on its angle etc. (Sorry im not capable of describing it much better).

Is there an easy way to archieve this ? i dont want it look as cool as in the game, but something like that just simple.

Can flashlights draw textures on the ground, or is there something like a “projector”, that casts a texture on the ground ?
Or is it even possible to make a material with 2 texures on it, one thats looks normal, and if a spotlight hits it depeding on the cone, revealing the other texture ?

Well there are two ways one is very easy… Download the blueprint example map and there is a camera in there that does what you want. The other way is to make a blueprint, rig the camera etc etc. However the grid and all of that is pretty advanced stuff. You need to use a post process effect on your camera or a decal (and decals aren’t working all that great right now in low light) you could also use a material function.

To trigger an effect you will need to use a line trace or if you want to detect more a sphere trace.

Someone else will probably have a better way. But that is how I have figured that sort of effect out.