Alien Days (Awesome Alien Story Mode Game Waiting to be Made!!)

Game Title:

About the Game:
Some of the game is not created yet, this is just the idea:

In year 2030, humans got the idea to build a bunch of spaceships just in case aliens come to invade. They just get too nervous sometimes, because all the aliens they were in contact with were very nice! While those aliens were chilling on an Earth beach, other aliens from planet Zexaphonalitaynofuytha (Zex for short) were scripting a horrible invasion!! The spaceship idea really wasn’t such a bad idea after all…


  • Tons of comedy
  • A futuristic atmosphere
  • A third person view
  • Battles with monsters
  • Button options for story
  • More

Buttons / Menus:
Start Screen (Done)

Play: Leads to Play Screen
Options: Leads to Options Screen
Quit: Quits the game
Play Screen
Story Mode: The main option. Read about it in Description
Multiplayer Mode: Choose to be either a human, or an alien. The aliens goal is to get all of the humans. The humans goal is to run away from the aliens.
Options Screen
Graphics: (Dropdown: | Low | Medium | High | default is | High |
Volume: (Affects game volume)
Fullscreen: (Checkbox: Checked is fullscreen, unchecked is not. Default is checked)

Our Deal
Once we start making money (if we start making money) the workers will split 70% of the money we make! The other money will go to me.

Work Needed

My Dev Name
GameSter Damian (Unregistered)

My Workers

Damian Wood (Creator)
Manager / Plot Scripter

Apply today to be a worker!

Workers Needed

Game Designer (0/4)

  • Design the world in the game
  • You are able to create cool futuristic buildings
  • You are able to create original alien-looking buildings / technology

Apply at:

Character Designer (0/4)

  • Design the characters in the game
  • You are able to create realistic humans
  • You are able to create original aliens / monsters

Apply at:

Blueprint /C++ Designer (0/2)

  • Make the game function and work
  • You have strong knowledge of most of the Blueprints and/or C++
  • You know how to use blueprints and/or C++ effectively
  • You know how to make story mode games ex: Minecraft: Story Mode

Apply at:

Contact Info

GameSter Damian#7223

Last note:
Hello everyone! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my request for help, and thank you even more if you wish to help out! For the record I am using the 4.19.2 version currently, but I don’t think that will matter.