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Alien aboard

Student Submission: Yes
Credits to sourced content:
Spaceship interior environment set

Denys Rutkovskyi
Mixamo character Maynard
SFX from


Alien aboard

Inspired by one of may favourite films Alien, I wanted to recreate the feeling of moving through the corridors of a ship and there is an alien somewhere on board.
Unreal Engine 4.27


Hey there @scottabraham1000,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. And welcome to the Unreal Engine forums!

I hate everything about how this made me feel. Goosebumps, anxiety, then (of course) the jumpscare at the end. I knew it was coming and I still freaked out. Admittedly I have to say, you’ve done a job wonderful storytelling in such a short clip. The lighting you chose fits perfectly and really adds to the creep-factor.

Truly hope to see more of your work around the forums and I truly look forward to more of your jumpscares. :smile:

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Hi there PresumptivePanda

Thank you so much for the comments, that is the ultimate compliment! I’m so glad you liked it and glad(kind of) that it actually scared you, a bit!

Thanks for welcoming me to the Unreal Engine forums, this is the first time I’ve participated an anything to do with Unreal and I started learning it last September, so hopefully there will be more to come.

Thanks again!

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