Alias Import

Hi Guys,

So stitched everything up got everything ready to import into unreal and I’m getting missing surfaces from parts. They are stitched in alias but so parts just don’t show up. Anyone have any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same issue, it might be normal is flipped or it’s combined into StaticMeshActor and being named differently. I was able to import the file and see all the geometry but the wrong scene tree structure in the scene preview.

Having the same issue here. Stitched in Alias but several items or parts of items missing after import. Did you find a fix?

which stitching technique did you import with? None? Sew?

Can you check with the modeling tool or a double sided material to see if it is missing geometry or flip/faces?

Thanks for the reply. I had stitched the models within Alias and when importing left the stitch option as none. When I’ve checked I realised that the missing surfaces had flipped normals in Alias so once they were corrected they imported fine.