Alembic opening in level map or BP crashes UE4

I have a 60k poly vertex animation that imports and plays properly in UE4, but if it is a map and I open the map, UE4 crashes. Likewise, if it is in a blueprint and I try to open the Blueprint, UE4 crashes.

I tested both scenarios with a clean 4.13 project.

Another interesting thing to note is that when I imported the asset, created in 3DS Max, the asset was offset and rotated contrary to it’s transform in 3DS Max.

I tried the same procedures in UE 4.14 Preview and it was worse. I can not open the Alembic asset in the asset editor.

Hello ,

The Alembic importer and workflow is still experimental, so there is expected to have issues. We have a number of crashes and bugs logged for various Alembic issues, and you are more than likely coming across these. The Offset rotation you mention is definitely a known issue, and can be tracked by following the link below.

UE-35510 - Alembic Import Axis not aligned correctly.

You can also run a search to see if your issue has already been reported.

Alembic Crash Search

Can you provide me with the steps you are taking in order to get the crash to occur on my end?

Can you also provide me with your callstack and your crashlogs from the crash you are getting so I can search to see if it has already been reported internally?

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