Alembic import of animation - Vertex Animation

Visiting the Trello Roadmap, I noticed that these two have been moved to wishlist/backlog. Combined, they have over 570 votes. Meanwhile, other animation issues are getting higher priority with far fewer votes. Obviously, I would love love love to have alembic import or any sort of vertex animation support. I’m aware it’s not a trivial request, but it’s also one that has been around for quite some time. Any love?


Is quite amazing that UE4 does not have alembic support just yet, REALLY UNBELIEVABLE. Almost every other engine has it; Unity, CryEngine, etc. With all the great tools that UE4 has for lighting and visualization, UE4 is much more than a game engine, it has open it`s usage to other fields and not having a way to import mesh animation/simulation is sad.

Please make the miracle happen, a lot of us will be HUGELY GRATEFUL.


I have also been waiting patiently for Vertex Animation. It has been about a year and a half now. They must be having some serious issues with it. I have watched the Trello off and on every couple of months. It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Whether or not it is Alembic, PLEASE incorporate some sort of ability to import Vertex Animation. With the addition of Sequencer, it would seem like a huge necessity to facilitate cinematic renderings.


yeah i agree, we need alembic support in unreal please Epic make it happen

Alembic is the de facto standard so I think any implementation would have to use it. But it’s a solid, open standard - and given that Unity and Cryengine both support it, it seems a pretty significant omission.

Here’s hoping Epic get it together…

Wondering if Kite and Lightning’s Alembic plugin has any chance of being integrated into the main branch?

agreed, vertex animation is sorely missing :frowning:

+1 for vertex animation, we really have to have it…
Has there been any official word on vertex animation? Maybe with 4.12?

I once knew a vertex
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But over time, it learned
It was just one of Epic’s rejects

-Pablo Neruda (Not)


Wait, I thought haiku poems can only be 3 lines, not 4 though:P

Seriously, I miss the vertex animation easiness of unreal engine 2, even though it was psk based by then. With fbx import, one can do wonders with streamlined fbx based vertex animation import…

Remember Epic never does reject
Some dreams just take a little longer
To deliver what you expect

So you keep your eye out for the experimental features in 4.13 :slight_smile:

Alternatively use Fabric Engine UE4 Integration

This. This is Epic. Thanks Smurf. You’ve put a huge grin on my face.


Epic Smurf brings news
Who would have thought it would be
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Looking forward to experimental 4.13, thanks for the heads up!

+1 vote for vertex animation.

Seems like a no brainier since FBX “already” supports Point Cache File(s) and in 3ds Max you just need to create a selection set.

P.S. So does Houdini