Alembic Import crashes Engine


we are recording geometry caches with kinect cameras to play them in unreal. The import works not without heavy decimation beforehand and thats a bummer.
Importing undecimated files, loads up the Ram (64GB) and crashes always the engine. The crash doesnot relate to the filesize itself, as very long but heavily decimated files do import correctly.
The file does open properly in all other software i have tested with: C4D, Maya, FabricEngine.

I have uploaded one .abc-file for further investigation:…

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Sounds like it has to load it all into RAM, so if you have a massive amount of data then you simply can’t use it.

There was a bug in 4.13(IIRC) where alembic files combined with distance fields would crash the engine. I assume it’s been fixed in later versions, but haven’t confirmed for sure. It’s a very quick thing to check, just in case.