Alembic Geometry Cache wrong time-sync

I have one FBX file with character animation, one Alembic file with clothes animation (exported from Marvelous Designer, imported to UE4 as Geometry Cache)

Both ones sync perfectly in 3ds Max and MD. But in Unreal, the clothes animation is faster than character.

Download link for both character and cloth animation: -

How can I solve this?

Thank you!

(I’m using lastest UE 4.15.1)

I have the same problem! Did you find the answer?
I imported Alembic as Skeletal but the problem persist.

I was experimented in version 4.16 but it’s not work correctly. The animation time is similar between character and cloth but both meshes show overlapped during the animation. In 3dmax it’s fine…



Having the same problem.