Alembic geometry cache import animation stutters--every third frame is a duplicate

Alrighty, I’m brand new to UE4 and interested in doing realtime rendering of Houdini/Maya projects. Forgive me if this is a rudimentary question, but Googling hasn’t helped.

I’m rendering a very simple lit scene from sequencer with an alembic exported from Houdini. In Unreal, every third frame of the alembic is a duplicate of the frame before, making some very stuttery movement (and killing any chance of post-processed motion blur, which is how I noticed it). I’ve tested the .abc in both Maya and Houdini and it works fine–no stuttering/duplicated frames. It’s almost like the frame duplication that comes from converting 24 fps video to 30 fps, and perhaps that’s where the problem is–the .abc was created in 24 fps, and even though I have the sequence setting as 24 fps, and have the project settings as a forced frame rate of 24 fps, maybe that’s where the hiccup is happening.

I’ve reimported it with a few different options (although always as geometry cache) to no avail. I’ve had no luck trying to export it as an .fbx from Maya (or Houdini), due to my own ignorance of working with .fbx. (Even using Maya’s send to Unreal option only gives me one frame.)

Is there some sort of time/frame rate setting I’m missing here?

Thanks for any help!