Alembic Gemoetry Cache does not play in Sequencer

Can’t seem to get this to work. Can’t find any parameter to put into the sequencer to get it to start.

Hi Richard,

I was able to import alembic files and play the associated animations with the animation track. Can you describe your issue in more detail?

If you import as GEO cache is simply does not play in Sequencer. Nothing more to it than that.

What is happening is that if I import it as a Skeletal Mesh, it makes a string of morph targets. Interesting because this is how Blender handles .mdd files which is another format for geometry cache.

I can think with this to the degree that skeletal mesh is how you get morph targets. But in this case there has been no mention of creating morph targets. Perhaps there needs to be a better notation in the importer.

Further if you are familiar with Alembic you would never choose skeletal mesh. Alembic does not support rigs.

I only did it after someone else online said it was playing animation. I thought he had lost his marbles till I tried it and found it creates these morph targets.

And this does work in sequencer, oddly enough. But the geometry cache does not work in sequencer. And Geo cache is the correct choice.

I just don’t understand why this was not noted that you were using this workaround til you get true geo cahce working. Currently it does not in sequencer.

Converted comment to answer, other thread is better for tracking this.

Thanks .