Alembic Caches Don't Play in the Sequencer


I was able to import an Alembic Cache as a Skeletal Mesh, and I got the animation to play by sticking the Skeletal Mesh in the scene and then plugging in the animation sequence that was generated from the import.

At this point, I wanted to generate some short Level Sequences as Shots for the Sequence Editor. I was hoping to have a single character with several different animations in Maya, and then bring all the animations into Unreal through the Alembic Importer. Ideally, I’d like to use a single Skeletal Mesh (whatever is formed by the Alembic Importer), and then use all the animation sequences (also generated by the Alembic Importer) all on that same Skeletal Mesh.

In the Sequence Editor, I added my Skeletal Mesh as an actor to my sequence, and then plugged in the animation sequence. However, the animation doesn’t play. Is this bug? How can I get my animation to play within the Sequence Editor? Again, my Skeletal Mesh and animation sequence was generated from the Alembic Importer.