Alembic cached animations as Niagara particles?

So I happily picked the Blender’s defaultcube and I scaled it up, say… 100 units.
I animated the scaling in the timeline, so the defaultcube now grows up. I will refer to it as growingcube from now. Animation lasts for 30 frames.
I succesfully exported the growingcube as an Alembic cached animation into Unreal. Whenever I put the asset, a growing cube appears in the level… you know, growing.
What could be cool, is that, if I create a Niagara particle system, I could choose to use the growingcube as geometry to be rendered in the mesh renderer attribute. So I could make a particle system of growingcubes.

Ok. The growing cube is just an example. I want to make more important things. The thing is, will this be possible?
Actually you can only use the vertex animation technique with the 3dsMax script, since the Blender addon from here…ender-3d-users is outdated, and I think that reliying in addons that could be outdated and stuff, make things very difficult. This option could solve all my problems.

Any word about this, please? Is this option going to be done in the future?

I make the question with all the respect. Thank you.