alembic cache does not work in sequencer (import option : Geometry Cache (Experimental))

[FONT=“Apple SD Gothic Neo”]I’ve read the answers in other forums. However, I still have to look at the mesh in a sequencer that does not move.

  1. Geometry Cache Component? (Of course I added.)
  2. Running check? (This also added as well.)

[FONT=“Apple SD Gothic Neo”]I do not want to hear of using it as a skeletal mesh. All I need to do is use a geometry cache. I’ll be waiting for a nice gentleman to tell you the solution to this super fast.

I believe this has been answered somewhere on AnswerHub. They’re aware of it not playing in-editor. I’m facing same issue as well so, bump!

Just to be sure: It IS playing in-game though right? Cause I’ve got the Running track going and it does play when I fully play the game.