Alchemy Studio Music Official Thread

Hi everyone!
I thought to open a thread to promote and describe my music, my future plans, my music activity and to gather suggestions and comments from the users.
I will briefly describe every now and then the music assets i have online, hoping to gather some attentions and comments!

First of all, let me introduce myself as a musician. I am mainly a guitarist but over the past 15 years I also developed advanced skills in home recording and in several instruments, such as keyboard, flutes and more. I especially like heavy metal and progressive metal, but I have a very open mind and I made music in a lot of different styles, from rockto soundtrack, easy listening, ambient/suspense, and even lullabies for baby sleep (actually this last one is my major success!!)

I know there are plenty of musicians around but a distinguishable characteristic of mine is my collection of ethnic and folk instruments I gathered from all around the world during my trips.

Have a look at my most ambitious project “Around the world in 80 instruments” where I recorded myself playing a total of 80 music instruments over 13 video-songs.

Music is not my primary occupation so I have no concern about making my living out of musical earnings. I just play and compose what I like and feel: that’s why I can put passion and heart in my music… and that’s the way to create awesome art… or at least what I think it’s art! :slight_smile:

And now let me introduce the first asset, one of the latest ones and one of my favourites, the

"Cinematic Trailers Collection"](Cinematic Trailer Music Collection in Music - UE Marketplace)

This is a collection of 8 different soundtracks in the style of modern hybrid-orchestral Hollywood trailers, useful for game intro or end title screens, credits,
menu, hold screens, or as background music in a game.


  1. War Operations (looped) (0:56)
  2. Knight of the dark (loop / no loop) (1:37)
  3. Infiltration (loop / no loop) (0:46)
  4. Into the darkness (loop / no loop) (0:37)
  5. Fallen heroes (loop / no loop / no intro) (1:26)
  6. Fight with Fire (loop / no loop) (1:27)
  7. Courage (no loop) (0:29)
  8. Rise from the ashes (short, standard, short looped, standard looped, end clip) (1:40)

The collection will create massive mash-ups and intense experiences that
will raise the blood pressure in your audience. The arrangement includes
cinematic impacts, risers, thuds, strikes, flybys, whooshes, drones, hums,
power shots and hits. It is suited for sci-fi, warfare, action, extreme
sports, fantasy, first person shooters, etc.

A short trivia about track 6: “Fight with Fire”. I composed this music expecially for a 3D animation video made by a friend of mine, a very talented artist that works in a top-notch company producing 3D visuals for film, advertisments, etc. You can watch the stunning video here. All the sound design was also made by me, and you can even listen to the sound effect-only track.

This Cinematic Trailers Collection will be updated in the future as I compose new trailers in the same style. The price will remain the same so you can be sure that your purchase will gain value during time.
Also, if you have some particular needs for short trailer for your upcoming game or project, you can contact me and we can talk about what I can do to help you.

Be sure to connect with my youtube account and to check my soundcloud, where there is a playlist of my music.

Time for a second story!
Today i would like to point you to a complete soundtrack I did some time ago for a group of developers that used unreal to make
**“Among the Asteroids” **a 2D space arcade game with puzzle elements for Android.


You can download the game here

The project leader of 2scars gamescontacted me after listening to a song I have on unreal marketplace, part of my “Game Music - The Light Collection”](Game Music - The Light Collection in Music - UE Marketplace)

GameMusicLight_Thumb-284x284-37b10199feb5260edadb5f8ffb6999ce.png](Game Music - The Light Collection in Music - UE Marketplace)

The asset includes 6 different songs with a light, casual happy mood, ideal for game title or hold screens, credits, or short gameplay. Most of the tracks can be seamlessly looped and can be adapted to different style of games.

he liked the track number 6 which I think it has a somewhat “russian” feel, maybe he caught his attention it for this reason! :slight_smile:

They asked me if I can make other songs in the same style for their game, including an intro song and several music for the different game mode. I took the original theme and tried to make something with the same mood. I also added clips for level intro, win and lose events. It was a nice project! :slight_smile:

After the game was published, I released the entire soundtrack for private listening on soundcloud:

I have just released an update for my latest pack

"Win and Fail Organ Stingers"](Win and Fail Organ Stingers in Music - UE Marketplace)

img.jpg](Win and Fail Organ Stingers in Music - UE Marketplace)

It is a collection of 20 “win” and 20 “fail” organ phrases played live with an hammond. You also get 10 loops and 20 “misc” clips, useful for different game events.

The sound has a cool “retro” style, perfect for casual and retro games.

Find the demo on youtube: Organ Stingers for casual and retro games - Unreal Engine Marketplace Music - YouTube

This is the initial release of the pack. In the near future it will be updated with a lot of more content: up to 40 win clips, up to 40 fail clips, more than 30 misc phrase and more than 10 mini loops. Buy it now and save!

This is one of my best seller on unreal marketplace:

Door/Treasure Chests Sound Effects Pack


A lot of games need to open a door or a treasure chest! :slight_smile:

In this pack you will find a collection of 88 sound effects (recorded dry, with no effects such as reverb, etc), including:

  • creak / squeak door close/open (ideal for horror / suspense settings)
  • close
  • key lock / latch
  • handling open / close

Find the demo of the whole collection here

I am always thinking about some upgrade to this pack. What do you think i should record? what does a pack like missing? which are your needs? :slight_smile:

Do you need some monstrous voice for your creature?
my “monster screams” pack is what you are looking for!

Senzanome.png](Monster Screams in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace)

57 voices and screams for your fantasy creatures, being them zombie, trolls, dragon, orc, ogre, animals or any kind of hellish monster.

You can hear the preview on soundcloud and you can even get a demo-watermarked preview of all the content by clicking here.

I recorded these sounds using my own voice and a zoom H4N portable recorder. In order not to scare my neighbours, I went away in my car and, having found a quiet location far from anyone, I started to scream and emit any kind of hellish sound… very funny! :slight_smile: then I heavily processed the sounds with pitch shifter, equalizers, and compression… to get clips that will cut your mix and can be readily used in your game!

last chance to get the deals! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who purchased the license for my music during the summer sale! Much appreciated!

If you are one of those, please remember to rate (5 star! :D) the music and leave a comment!

Also, I will be more than grateful if you tell me about your projects and show me how will you use my music/sfx!

Hi everyone!
I have just update my Casual Games Music Loop Pack - Casual Music Loops Pack in Music - UE Marketplace
The songs can be previewed on soundcloud - Stream Unreal Music Maketplace | Listen to Casual Music Collection playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Now it includes includes 18 seamless loops in different styles and mood, that can be used in a lot of different projects such as platformers, brain games, puzzle, arcade, menu or credit screens, casual games, etc.

Song list:
Elegant puzzle (1:16)
Going on (0:34)
In hurry (0:29)
ordered pieces (1:35)
Suspense (0:34)
Thinking hard (1:15)
Abstractions (1:09)
The lounge (0:31)
The hidden treasure (0:38)
Catch the diamonds (1:04)
Jumping around (1:31, with variations)
Jazzy moments (0:38)
Adrenaline Drift (0:59, with different ends)

Moreover, there are some free loops from my other packs:
Adaptive game music 1
Adaptive game music 2
Electric organ loops
Metal loop pack
Rock loop pack

may i bump?! :slight_smile:

My Dark Ambient Thriller Suspense Music pack is ideal for all those who need an ominous and haunting background ambient music for settings such as spaceships, undergrounds, sewers, dungeons, castles, steampunk, RPG, FPS.


This will be the perfect atmosphere for the exploration of dangerous places. It is not meant to be “in front” of the player, and there is a lot of sonic space for additional sound effects. there are no melodies here, this is pure evolving ambient that will surely give a sense of danger without being neither boring nor monotonous

There are 5 tracks in the pack.

Zero gravity (2:17)
Cosmic microwave background (6:28)
Neutrino storm (5:05)
Test of cosmic geometry (4:27)
Lost in outer space (4:40)

… and you can listen the full previews on my youtube channel:…UWu8EBBtFQT8xE

A lot of games may need to highlight particular moments such as start level, ending, win, failures, a good (or bad…) choice.
What about using some rockin’ power for this purpose?
You may have a look at my “Rock Stingers Pack”: Rock Stingers in Music - UE Marketplace

The pack includes contains 32 short clips in rock style with a stunning sound and live playing.

You can listen to the demo on soundcloud:

My audio is 50% off during the sale!
hurry up! :slight_smile: