Alchemist Apothecary Pack/Addon

We are at it again with a new pack. Alchemist Apothecary! This post is to share to you what we are developing for this pack and see if there are any critiques or requests from you the customer. Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to comment!

We started off by greyboxing the big furniture. To get a feel of the scale.

The Wall shelves where sort of a prototype asset to get the feel of the material correct.

After that Jacob moved onto making the Big shelves and they turned out great!

Then made the cabinets

Meanwhile Tayler was working on Potions and Herbs

Before glass was added to the “Legendary” Potion

An example of how the liquid in the potions will behave in engine.

Tayler made an herb called Dragon Fern

And started working on some more generic herbs.

Jacob Is switching to working on candles as we are in desperate need of a light source.
Tayler is continuing work on making more herbs.

We plan on updating this thread everyday with new screenshots of what we have been developing. Hope you enjoy.

Its day three of working on the Apothecary pack and we have made a lot of progress.

Jacob made some candles to light up the room. Candle holders will be made tomorrow.

Then started finishing up the rest of the wood furniture we had blocked out.

After the counters he started on some other wood pieces. Such as the herb bins.

Here is what the scene looks like with the newly textured furniture.

Tayler made more progress on making different herb plants. He put the ones he made previously into engine and they look awesome.

These will be in engine tomorrow cant wait to see how they look.

We plan on making all the Herbs pick-able using blueprints.

Hope you enjoyed the update come back tomorrow for more.

Hello again. More progress on the pack

Jacob made a cabinet and candle holders!

All of the candles will have blueprints that make it easy to drag and drop different versions of the candles on there corresponding holders.

The Herb Cabinet has drawers than can come out.

The Herb Bins can go underneath the cabinets seamlessly.

Tayler made hanging versions of the pickable herbs.

We will have more screenshots tomorrow. Hopefully at an earlier time. As always thanks for the support!

looking very interesting. if not to expencive, i will buy it :wink:

Hi again we have made more progress.

Jacob kept working on more furniture.

He made a step stool.

Then worked on a desk.

Taylor made alot of misc things today.

Like Papers. (which are shown on the desk Jacob made)

Wooden Bowls.

Pestle and Mortar

Then Jacob did a small amount of set dressing to help visualize our progress. We think the scene is starting to fill out nicely.