Alas Astra - A Sci-Fi Action Adventure in a Distant Galaxy

Hi Unreal Engine community! :slight_smile:

I’m really pleased to announce our game: Alas Astra!

Currently in development with Unreal Engine 4, of course, hehe!

My Indie team, Delta Video Games, has been working on the game for about 1 year and half, and we finally feel ready to share the game with the public.

Alas Astra is a science fiction third person action adventure game set in a distant galaxy. You take on the role of Alas, a heroic and sentient robot knight, tasked with saving the Centaurus galaxy from the tyrannical Xetanoids.

Checkout the Alas Astra - Reveal Trailer!

If you like our game, please check out the Steam Page. And if you really like it, please feel free to Wishlist the game. Thanks!

To find out more about Alas Astra, check out the game’s Website:

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And if you’d like to get involved and chat about Alas Astra, and say “Hi” to us at Delta Video Games, then join us on Discord!

The game is still in development but we hope very much to be able to bring the game to Steam Early Access in Q4 2021.

Thanks very much for checking out Alas Astra. We very much hope you all love the game!

See you in the stars! :smiley:



Underground Workshop environment in Alas Astra:

Reserved for later. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from Alas Astra! :smiley: