Akimbo Parkour FPS - Looking to work with programmer (C++ / Blueprints)

Hi everyone, this is a rather speculative post but I’m hoping it becomes a viable project with the right collaboration. The game concept is called Akimbo: a 1v1 multiplayer parkour FPS, in the style of Hong Kong action films. If you’ve played The Specialists, Double Action Boogaloo, or (to an extent) Stranglehold - mix that with some Mirror’s Edge and you should have a pretty good idea.

The commercial goal is to make a (relatively) low-scoped multiplayer FPS, with a unique style, in a sensible amount of time. If this all sounds interesting so far, I’ve put together my thoughts in a design pitch here which should fill in the details of the concept.

About me

I’ve been working on single-player projects on-and-off for a while, and contributing art to lots of smaller projects as well. Most recently I was working on an atmospheric horror game for which I did the blueprint code and artwork, but due to team circumstances / time issues that project has been shelved for the time-being. You can see a video of it here though.

My main focus is on environment and hard surface artwork, so besides characters, I can provide all the necessary art for the project. You can see my full portfolio here. I’m also very experienced with Unreal Engine 4 in general including blueprints (but not MP)

Who I’m looking to work with

I think with appropriate scope this is a 1 year project, most likely half a year for a visually complete playable prototype - so I’m looking to work with someone who can commit to that timeline and (obviously) is enthusiastic about this type of game. Most importantly I want it to be an open design collaboration.


If you’d like to know more or you think you’d like to work with me, my Discord is DaveFace#6850

Hi @DaveFace,

Awesome game concept and pitch. My sort of game. In fact, I’m developing my Ninja Action Slasher Shooter: SPAGHETTI that features Akimbo and Acrobatics. Its essentially the amalgamation of game concepts and tech demos inspired during my years of working on various projects in UE4.

I’ve been testing Parkour in True First Person, it can get a little nauseous if you’re keep the head-cam in place during somersaults. Could tune it down with Time Dilation, but I would only implement that as manually triggered effect to avoid overdoing bullet-time automatically.

I more so code-centric developer. Thus, I’m kitbashing marketplace assets and scripting custom multiplayer subsystems (blueprints) where needed. I’m using procedural generation for architecture and environment. Implementing Player Customization in various layers for creative expression, where one would not expect to find any.

Most of my assets are sci-fi and horror themed so that’s what I’m working with. But I could only imagine, what could be achieved with a skill artist like yourself working with me. I desire Action and Monsters in my games, so what be could be better than Cyber Ninja slicing and dicing Demonic Entities.

I have considered using marketplace packs to try and put something together, the problem is the amount of bloat that often comes with them, and trying to integrate a fairly complex movement system into it. What I’ll most likely do is start a singleplayer prototype so I can get a good idea of the gameplay style and go from there.