Akeytsu's april release

Hi !

Our first release pack of the year is out and brings long-awaited features into akeytsu to help animators, riggers, and technical artists and make the creative process more fun and accessible.

The first patch of the year breaks down as follows:

· **Auto-Rig: **With this simplified rigging protocol, instantly articulate your biped character with a functional rig.

· Audio support: akeytsu now features audio layers, allowing users to animate in synch with sounds (SFX, soundtracks…).

· **FBX overhaul: **we have improved our importer/exporter capabilities to preserve more information. Multilayer UVs and colors are now correctly supported on top of many other fixes.

· Usability enhancements: we have taken the time to code a neat Auto-save feature triggered on crash as an additional safety net and updated tooltip texts for better accessibility.

You can read more about** April 2020 release highlights,** here.

There are two additional major updates coming this year. More info on **Nukeygara’s dev roadmap 2020 **

Take care :slight_smile:

-Alia from the Nukeygara Team.