Aja PRO Video plugin, problems with Gopro Hero 4

I just got an Aja Kona HDMI card to try with Unreal and I’m having some issues. The main one is that GoPro Hero 4 cameras don’t seem to be working right in Unreal. The card brings in video to Aja’s app just fine, but when brought into Unreal it shows up all green and pink. I have tried other cameras and so far the Hero 4 seems to be the only one that does this. Is there an issue with the plugin and Hero 4?

Also when setting up the card in the unreal plugin it seems like only YUV 8 and 10 are available, none of the RGB formats show up in the plugin configuration.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Tried with other GoPro versions?

Hi Greg. I see that you have access to the UDN, our private support site. If you post your question there, we can follow up.