AJA or Blackmagic?

Which card will you choose for your Virtual Production setup?

There is a bunch of currently supported cards in Unreal 422, and I personally think that Blackmagic Decklink 8k pro could be the perfect match, because of the four SDI that are bi-directional. Also the 8K, which is still not supported, but in the future who knows?

The HDMI 2.0 supported in the new release of Unreal is still unclear to me.

I know this is not the right section of the forum for this question, but I can’t find a place to discuss Virtual Production.

I love the blackmagic cards for the cost. AJA sometimes has better experiences for drivers/features. The only problem right now is that I can’t find the blackmagic options at all in 4.22.

Have you enabled the plugin?