Aja Kona HDMI not functioning with GoPro Hero 4, video is pink and green

I have an Aja Kona HDMI which is on the supported list for the plugin.

I’m on the 4.23 final and have installed the Aja plugin 4.23. When I try to use a GoPro Hero 4 the video that comes in is all pink and green. No combination of settings will fix this. However the plugin DOES work with a Sony UMC-S3CA though the video is a bit darker if srgb mode is checked and considerably lighter if it is not.

In the Unreal plugin it will only let me support 8 or 10 bit YUV, though the card itself also supports argb-8, rgb-10 and rgb-12

Why are the other formats not available? Is there some issue with Kona HDMI or GoPro Hero 4?

Both cameras look ok in Aja’s “control room” software or when plugged into a monitor.