AIs sharing the same Behaviour Tree Influences each other

Hi! Currently I have spawn 3 enemies of the same type and using the same AI and Behaviour Tree. I am trying to make only those that are on screen to attack while others off screen remain passive. This is my current code.

However, it seems that all the enemies are linked, and only once all enemies are on screen will it begin to start attacking. If just one enemy is not on screen, the others (even though they are on screen) will not attack.

Any suggestions as to how I could make it so as long as the enemy itself is on screen, it is able to attack independent of whether others are on screen? Thanks!

Can you have a look into your Blackboard, if the parameter “Is on Screen” is not instance synched?
If the checkbox is on, then all Instances share the same value and who comes last overwrites it for all others.

Did it work for you?

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. Unfortunately the checkbox for instance synced is already unticked. Do have any other possible suggestions? Thanks! :slight_smile: