AirSimGameMode is conflicting with pedestrian system

I have a pedestrian system where a path is set with spline and the characters (pedestrians) look for the points of spline in a certain range, so they walk to it, continuosly looking for other points, then implementing the pedestraing walk system.

It’s been working fine with any game mode, but since I had to add Airsim to my project last night, when i set game mode for AirSimGameMode, the pedestrians start to misbehave, either they stay still and cannot move or they begin to walk towards walls and random places, all of them, like the spline wasn’t even outlined in the map.

I wonder what exactly AirSimGameMode does to create that bug. Would anyone share any ideas about? Thanks beforehand!

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Hi, I am facing the same issue too. It seems to me that AI controllers are not working well with AirSim gamemode. Have you solved the problem? I can use some thoughts from others now. Thanks!

Hi there, I changed the nav mesh to dynamic and this works for me. Hope you find my method useful.

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Have you solved your problem?I meet this problem at this period,AirsimGameMode seems to have conflict with AI in UE4.