Airship Blaster!

**While I seek a job at a studio, I’ve decided to start a project using PBR shaders and UE4 to create an airship battle game.

My portfolio is available for viewing at

Contact at MattOlick3D @**

**Day #1 :** A draft of concept/orthographic for airship

Day #2 : First attempt at clouds inside UE4, utilizing billboards.

**Day #3 :** Adding static meshes alongside the billboards, and reduced the spawncount to a max of a random seed of 10-20 total particles per emitter. Three emitters are used in the above scene

Day #4 : Polish, adding lighting… cloud mesh is 200 polys. Next up, customizable scripted day/night cycle :smiley:

Day #5 : learning more about lighting, orthographic second draft~

Day #6 : picking airship colors

returning back to finish this concept art, while I wait for my free trial of 3DS Max to arrive in email. Hoping a job to come my way soon~

Creating 3D cannonball using Substance Designer to build the textures tomorrow, and placing it in front of the camera with animated FX via Cascade in UE4

I like your concept art. Is the ship going to be playable or have an interior? (I’m working in my spare time on a similar flying ship myself.)

Ship is intended to be playable, shootable, and destructible (third person vehicle). I want to put floating fantasy crystals on the inside, like the boardgame Battleship :slight_smile: