Airport taxiway and pathfinding


I want to build an airport, specially the taxiway, in unreal. This should be dynamic, because the user should be able to edit the taxiways for the planes. The planes on an airport drive on yellow lines, now I thought to make a waypoint system with splines where the planes drive along.

I have the blueprints to build the taxiways, but not the splines for driving. My question is what is better, have a single blueprint, which is responsible for all the waypoints and splines and how they are connected, or is it better to make this in the blueprint of every tile of the taxiway (one tile is one straight line between two points, there are no segmentations). I think for calculation the path the first method is better, also I have all logic (add connection to this spline, delete connection…) in one blueprint, and not in every blueprint in the world.

How could pathfinding in this world be solved?

What are your thoughts and meanings to this problem?

Thank you

I think you may be overcomplicating it, sounds like when you are talking about pathfinding you are talking about AI, but why not just animate them along the points. Your runway is a straight line and then has the corners, just animate from 1 point to the next until you hit an end zone or something. Once you start having T intersections and other planes you will just need to do some other checks to make sure they aren’t going to collide etc.

Animate? I don’t know exactly what you mean with animate? I need one plane driving from the runway to his park bay. The way to the park bay can change everytime, so I need a structure to store the waypoints and blueprints calculate the path. Animation are fix, or?