Airplane Propeller

I have a plane mesh with the propeller and I can animate the propeller in Blender, but when I import the mesh into Unreal I lose the animation of the propeller spinning. I am using Export FBX in Blender.

First question… would it be easier to import the plane as two meshes: Propeller and Plane, then animate the propeller? If so, how do I animate the propeller in Unreal?

Second question… If I create the animated propeller in Blender, do I need to create a rig (add bones) for the plane and the propeller for it to transfer to Unreal correctly? Or is there something I’m missing?

I sure hope the first question is the answer because I’d rather animate the propeller in Unreal than try to import the animation from Blender.

Blender version I am using is 2.73
Unreal Engine version is 4.7.6


If you planned transfer animation from blender to UE4, your mesh must be skeletal.
First joint or Root joint - for body and second joint - for propeller. Each mesh must be skinned to its own joint.
Add animation to propeller joint and resample animation, because for normal transfer rotation animation, key must be in each frame of animation.
After import you can activate animation with matinee or with animation blueprint.
Second method is import all meshes like static. Combine them in actor blueprint and animate propeller with blueprint nodes.

Thank you svv3dUDN, I am going to try your second method.

I’m having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to created a continual spin in blueprint… I did find this example:

But I am confused as to what the “Add pin +” node is:

Also, how would I implement that blueprint onto my propeller.

I was able to create an animated propeller using keyframes in Matinee by viewing it on “Loop” but I also don’t know how to make it play the loop when I hit “Play” in Unreal.

Thanks for any help.