Aircraft flaps (Wings)

Hello everybody,

I have a question for the flight simulator (Flying game).

Does the movement from the aircraft flaps are made from other programs (Through animation)? Or is it done in UE4? (I read a thread about the Aileron Roll and if i’m not wrong he did it in UE4, so i guess it’s done in UE4).aw

I think it’s done here because when you press W (An example) to move a character, it will repeat the animation of walking or running and another reason is that i watched some video about warplane and when it slowly move to a side, the aircraft flap move slightly to the side, but when it moves to a side with a faster speed, then the aircraft.

So, my question the movement of aircraft flaps are done it other programs or in UE4? If it’s in UE4, can you tell me how do i do it?

Thanks for the answers. I appreciate it, i have been trying to figure how to do it.

You could rig your full aircraft model with bones and import it as a skeletal mesh, you can also import each component and rebuild the aircraft with Blueprints where you could then rotate each flap more specifically according to what the controls are doing.