Aircraft controller movement rotation

I would like to create a flight simulator.
I am posting BF4 screenshot as a reference. Here the controler is permanently rotated in roll axis (from red to horizontal green line). And it accepts Yaw and Pitch input in this new frame of reference.

In UE4 “Add Controller Yaw/Pitch Input” use world coordinates and it is impossible to rotate the controller.
How to overcome this issue and obtain BF4 jet-like controls? Is there a way to transform Yaw/Pitch input rotation from global to local?

I’m not sure if I’ve understood your problem well. You can use ‘AddActorLocalOffset’ and/or ‘AddActorLocalRotation’ nodes. If it doesn’t solve your problem, please be more clear on your problem and if possible attach some photos of your graph (if you work with blueprints).


Ok. Take a look at my simple graph, as I said by using the above nodes, you will get what you want.

For simplicity, apply these settings inside unreal flying template.


Hey, I updated the question. I hope it will clarify what I am troubling with.

Hello Archoun,

I found this this for your. I hope helpfull


Actually I didn’t need the last node (camera one). What is more I wanted to use mouse like in FPS, so I added the code in red rectangle (picture). Anyway, your post was very helpful and I accept it as an answer.

Hi, this effect is interesting and I already tested it, but I didn’t want full 6 dof, only temporary roll change. Thank you anyway!