Airborne VR 1944 (Unreal + Oculus Rift World War II experiment)

Hey everyone,

We are proud to finally present our World War 2 paratrooper experience “Airborne VR 1944”, created in Unreal Engine and optimized for Oculus Rift. We held a sneak-peak event this week at the Military Defense Museum, and asked famous Swedish War Historian Lars Gyllenhaal to test the demo and tell us what he thought of it. He really like it, but now we want to know what you guys think.

UPDATED: Here’s our Oculus Share link!






Virtual Light VR is a Swedish VR production company with the ambition to create epic historic recreations and similar experiences. We work only with Unreal Engine and Oculus Rift.

WWII! War game with VR will be amazing! Can it run without VR device?

It can, but really shouldn’t. It was designed to be a VR only experience.

We finally got approved on Oculus Share.

Here’s the link:

is the fact that the parachute is missing the risers intentional?

Fantastic VR experience guys!

Gave it a spin on my channel here, powerful experience!