Air pocket volume within water volume?

I’d like to create underwater caves. Is there a way to create a volume within a water volume that overrides the water volume?

There’s a Priority property that works for nested volumes and gravity, so should work for other volumes iirc…

Cube volume can be hollow, there’s a property for that in the brush builder. You can also use multiple volumes and editing mode to shape everything you need.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’ll give the Cube Volume a shot.

On a slightly related note: I’m using a reverb volume and post process volume on top of all of my water volumes. Instead of having to manually place these in the editor, I’ve been trying to spawn them during the PostBeginPlay of my custom water volume class.

However I can’t seem to set the size of brush for these volumes once spawned. I’ve tested with this:

MySpawnedReverbVolume.BrushComponent = BrushComponent;

Which i essentially attempting to assign the bounding box of the water volume to the newly spawned reverb volume. However it doesn’t seem to have any effect (and i’ve tried making Bounds a non-constant). Any ideas how to do this?

@Avatarus I don’t see cube volumes. Did you mean some other volume type? Cheers

Sorry, I mean cube brush. Right click on it and check Hollow option.