Air Cargo Simulator

I’ve been fascinated with aviation since an early age. While I was playing various sim games like Falcon 4.0 and Indy 500, my father was climbing the ranks in the USAF until one day he had a pair of shiny silver stars on his shoulder. While the thought of flying fighter jets for a living crossed my mind, I ended up choosing a different path in life.

Follow along as Air Cargo Simulator comes to life!

Rennsix, my name is Jerret. I work at an Air Charter/Air Freight brokerage. I would like to write a blog post about you and your game. Any chance you can reach out to me so we can work on that? jhammons @ grandaire dot com Thanks!

Sorry some reason not getting the thread notifications. I emailed you. Thanks.

Looks nice

Looks very nice. You should keep posting updates here, I’m interested.

Looks really promising! Indy 500 was an awesome game!

oh I will. I just updated my machine with GTX-1070 so I can run 4.14 now. Woohoo

I used a 56.6 baud modem I remember to connect with a friend down the street when we were like 13. Had a Gateway 2000 x386 back then :slight_smile:

Things are progressing nicely. I’ve updated the c208 model to use the same setup as the sim_template from EasyFlightModel plug-in. I’ll be adding the minimap next and then cockpit controls.

If you have ideas for some pickup/delivery ‘quests’ let me know.

Some generic quest ideas:
-Transport cargo from airport to another airport.
-Transport cargo from airport to a short remote runway. (Basically a more challenging version of the quest above. Players will have to compensate for a shorter runway when landing.)
-Take off from mountain-side runway, retrieve cargo from airport, and return to mountain-side runway. (Basically a short runway that runs off the edge of a mountain-side. Particularly dangerous for un-experienced pilots.)

I don’t know if you want some small story quests but I think those could be pretty cool. Perhaps just little storylines with characters (maybe even overarching plots and characters). I think a little bit of story can add much more depth to the game.

First off, thanks for the input. I like these ideas.

Here is a mil-spec texture file in front of the new hangars. I imported the MiniMap too. Hopefully get some time this weekend to implement.

Implementing cockpit mesh. Minimap didn’t happen over the weekend. Sounds like a good Monday project.
and in UE4

Instruments and MiniMap are in.

Made some modifications to the minimap this weekend. Also, lost a few days last week because the cockpit model was off scale by 100x. Noticed that only after adding the throttle and flaps animations.

Implemented a Save/Load and Pause/Continue widget. Experimented a bit with some ‘passenger’ actor blueprints so you can earn cash by flying passengers to and from the various airports. Once that is setup I will include a basic dialogue for the first ‘job’.


Incorporated the UMG Inventory system from Epic to help manage the Cargo Manifest. You can Pick up and Drop off passengers for extra cash or fly freight. Added various pickups throughout the map as well so while you are flying across islands you can divert and try your low level flying skills! There are some ‘go pills’ to enhance your mood as well as cash and other bonuses!

Right now, you can click on the inventory item and ‘cash’ it in (or use pickup) at any time. I need to incorporate some logic so this process can only be done when your route is fulfilled. Maybe this weekend.

Night Ops?


Added ‘Delivery Zone’ at each airport. This is a actor blueprint with volume trigger that when the pilot is overlapping then allow pilot to drop off passengers/cargo and receive the credits (Experience, Energy, Mood, Cash). Dialogue system is next!

I’m working on the website and then I’ll release a download link to the ALPHA.

Few notes: You can save your progress (level) but there is no storyline or dialogue yet. Also, no Saitek Flight Yoke Joystick setup yet since I haven’t tested that. I also haven’t even flown this or integrated VR. It’s a shame, I know. I’ve recently upgraded machines and now half my work is on one machine and the other has some things in UE4.9 (vs13) and now UE4.14 (vs14)…ugh

Anyways, few more days, Folks!

I’ve created the installer for the alpha release. Haven’t seen much urgency of anyone scrambling to play it so it will be available next Friday 4/21.

Here is the a completed run.

During the summer months, Air Cargo Simulator will expand into the Jet category. Be back in a few months.