Air capsule crash site

Hi guys!
Done my second personal project in Unreal. Continue study engine and pipeline for game assets.
A little story of this one:
Air capsule fell into the ravine in the deep forest after taken damage form unknown source. Carrying biomechanical mass it slowly start affect living area around it.
This is my personal project, that I did for study nature environment and hard surface technics for game engines. It all began from the idea that came to my head, then I made some sketches and started create assets for the scene. This is my first try in the nature and sci-fi hardsurface modeling and texturing technics and also first attempt to work in Substance Painter.
If you interested in progress please check out thread on polycount(image heavy).
Also on artstation.

Great scene, gg :wink:

I would like to lower the saturation of the leaves plus more variations.


Hi macoll!
You are right about vegetation. It will be more clear if leaves on trees will have some difference in color from ground cover plants, above that variation from leave to leave as you suggested. Now it’s like all plants share same green color. Thanks for feedback :slight_smile: