AIPerception rotation

Hi, I have a little problem with this, the thing is:
-I have a Character, controlled by an AI controller
-When I set Orient Rotation to Movement to False, my character does not rotate, nor the capsule component, nothing rotates (as it should, of course)
The problem with that is that the AIPerception DOES orientate its rotation to the Character Movement, and I dont want that, I want the AIPerception NOT to orientate rotation to movement
I searched a lot how to attach the rotation of the AI to the Character (so if the character doesnt rotate, the AI doesnt rotate too)
To sum up, how can I make to “attach” the AIPerception rotation with the Character rotation?
If theres no solution, how can I make to Get the Peripheral Vision of the AIPerception? For any reason is impossible to manipulate the Peripheral Vision in Blueprints
I hopefully I explained myself so you can understand, thank you!

The AIPerception must be on the AIController and not in the character. This should fix the problem.

However, if does not fix the problem, set the world rotation of the AI Controller to the world rotation of the possessed pawn mesh, inside the tick of the AIController.

Yes it is in the AICon, but doesnt work. I tried to get the location of the AICon but I dont know why I couldnt do it. Anyway Ill try again, thank you for your answer!