AIPerception not updating across maps

My team and I recently made the switch to UE5 for our game, and there weren’t any issues for a while, but this is a strange one. We were using AI perception in UE4 for the Sight sense, but now in UE5 wanted to add Hearing. This was not hard to implement and works perfectly fine on our primary testing map. The issue we ran into is that the perception updates are only functioning in that one map. None of our other existing maps even show the hearing debug ring range, despite the AI Perception being updated in our enemy’s blueprint. Here is a screenshot of my perception settings in the enemy, but it still does work as intended in our main map.
I think that somehow that I was prompted to save the main map on closing the engine, but none of the other maps saved the updates. There has to be an easier way for the other maps to see this update, besides deleting and manually replacing all the enemies in the other maps.
Thank you in advance for any help!